Voting Age

I’m going to get alot of flak over this but should we not increase the age when Canadian citizens are legally able to vote ?  Why you ask ?  I have a couple daughters, one that has just become able to vote and the other is 3 years behind.  I’d be intruding upon their rights as Canadian citizens in spite of their likelihood of voting for a candidate that has good values.  The problem is that many parents do not train up their children properly and it is left up to the education system to do so.  Therein lies the main issue.

Our education system is a very liberal oriented environment that is becoming more relational in their training methodology than in facts.  It has become more important to teach the kids to stand up for their rights, rather than train them on the regulations of our Canadian legal system(s).  It is like babysitting them, training them how to think rather than giving them the facts and letting them come to their own conclusions.

Ok, it isn’t all about the education system.  The mainstream media, TV, movies and radio stations are mainly slanted towards a liberal perspective.  Now, it isn’t just the college and university kids that are watching or listening to this stuff but at least when we are older, we have made the intellectual adjustments in our thinking to withstand the junk coming at us from these media types.  Those in college and university, while intelligent enough, are inundated with garbage that warps their minds, at least for the short term.  It is only after a period of time when they can mull things over in their minds, that they can come to their own conclusions.

So, what am I saying, that these young folk don’t have their own conclusions ?  I did mention them as intelligent right ?  Well, intelligence can be understood as someone having an abundance of knowledge or information but that doesn’t mean that one can decipher that information appropriately.  Now, a liberal minded person might say “what exactly is appropriate” and everyone else should probably question that as well.  Hey, even liberals can get it right sometimes.  All that said, I’m not going to get into that part of the discussion here but will leave that to another post.  My conclusion will therefore not be fully supported until I do.

The better answer, rather than increasing the age to vote, would be to train our children better as parents.  We could also maintain a good relationship with our kids throughout their lives so that a good healthy influence is set over them even when they go into the war zone, such as the educational system.  Heck, changing the educational system back to what it used to be, would be a great idea as well.  Yeah, good luck with that right ?

Here is a neat video, one of many that I can find and may add to this post in  the future :

Oh and this just in since I was posting on our school system :

Ok, further to this post and I could probably keep going day and night.  Here are some course taken by students in the USA that merely cause the students to accumulate debt and offer nothing good to their future :