Thanksgiving is for Families

There are times when I choose not to shop at particular stores due to their stance or ads on certain subjects.  It’s just my own personal war on companies with bad policies.  The article below says “Shame on K-Mart” for being open on Thanksgiving day and then shares why.  While I agree with her on many/most points, I’m not exactly sure why it would be shame on K-Mart, rather than the many shoppers that choose to purchase on Thanksgiving day.  K-Mart is there to offer goods for sale and is a profit oriented business.  If folks stay home on Thanksgiving day, it is practically a guarantee that come next year, the place will be closed that day.  From a finance perspective, it makes total sense.  I say shame on those that shop on those few family days that we have.  Anyway, the article linked here and a snippet below :


We all know that there is a war on the family taking place in the United States. Unlike the mythical war on women, this is a battle that is real. It is one that, over the past several decades, has had a devastating effect on the American family, children in particular.

One often overlooked aspect in all of this is how big business lends a hand in the destruction of the family unit as well.

I don’t have to tell you that as we approach the month of December countless efforts will be undertaken to make sure that Christ is completely removed from Christmas.

Moreover, I don’t have to tell you that America’s devotion to materialism will be on full display too. Millions of shoppers across the country will, like they do every year, wake up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving and brave the cold weather. Not to attend mass or go to adoration, mind you. But to stand in line for hours on end so they can get a measly 15% off the latest shoot ‘em up video game for their teenage son.